Sunday, October 22, 2017


The JFK heart monitor was filled!!  We earned an all-school celebration on Wednesday.  Kindergarteners created a HEART banner and HEART props. We had an all-school parade followed by a science demonstration! It was a heartful day!

Kindergarteners have HEART!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fifth Grade Buddy Time--Round Two!

Our buddies from Mrs. Wright's class came to read with us again on Wednesday.
It is so wonderful to watch the Kindergarteners creating and maintaining positive relationships with their fifth grade buddies, while fostering the love for reading!  

Look at how ENGAGED they were!  How nice!

Our Self-Portraits!

Our Kindergarten self-portraits are *finally* hung up in the hallway outside our room!  Students used a simple line drawing technique to create unique pieces of art that reflect themselves as individuals.
They are absolutely beautiful!
Please take a look for yourself!

Friday, October 6, 2017

What is Fundations?

Fundations is a word-study (phonics) program where Kindergarteners build their early reading and spelling skills through concepts such as...
  • letter formation
  • letter sounds and keywords, short vowels, consonants
  • word and print awareness
  • rhyming
We are currently on Unit 1 and Kindergarteners have already learned about the following letters/sounds:  t, f, b, m, n, u

Ask your child the sound that goes with each of these letters and some words that begin with each of those sounds.  When we learn new letter sounds we say the letter, keyword, and then the sound.  For example, "t, top, /t/" or "f, fun, /f/"  

Next week, we will work on...
  • letter sounds:  i, o
  • letter formation:  i, o
  • vowels versus consonants
  • the difference between letters, words, and sentences
Below is an example of the writing paper we use to practice letter formation:

Ask your child, where does lowercase t (or f, b, m, n, u) start?  If the letters start at the sky line, we call them "sky line letters."  If they start at the plane line, we call them "plane line letters."

Happy letter learning!  

For more information about Fundations, please visit their website by clicking here!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fun with Playdough!

After discovering what playdough "can" and "can not" do, we practiced spelling our names with it.  We noticed that all names begin with an uppercase letter, all the rest are lowercase!

We noticed that playdough can roll and stretch to get longer and longer (like a snake)!

Using playdough (rolling, tapping, flattening, pinching it) is great fine motor practice to strengthen finger muscles.  The stronger our fingers, the more control we have when we write. 

**Here are some other ways to work on fine motor skills at home...

  • paste things onto paper
  • clap hands
  • touch fingers
  • button and unbutton
  • work a zipper
  • build a tower of 10 blocks or more!
  • complete puzzles with five or more pieces
  • trace around objects  (one hand holding object in place, other hand using a crayon or pencil to trace)
  • copy a circle or cross onto a piece of paper
  • cut out simple shapes with kid-friendly scissors

Kindergarteners have HEART!

Every time we fill our class heart jar, we have a class celebration.  
Class celebration ideas are decided by the students and are fun for all!  
We also pour our hearts into the JFK Heart Monitor to *ultimately* earn a WHOLE SCHOOL celebration!  WOW!

We have been talking A LOT about what it means to have HEART in Room 32! 

Ask your Kindergartener what it looks like/sounds like to be honest, engaged, appropriate, responsible, or timely in our classroom!  :)
Kindergarteners earn hearts when they are seen being Honest, Engaged, Appropriate, Responsible, or Timely! 

Last Wednesday, we filled our class heart jar and celebrated by going outside for extra recess on the BIG playground!  We had a great time!  Way to go, Kindergarteners!

Kindergarteners have HEART!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Buddy Time!

Throughout the year, our fifth grade buddies from Mrs. Wright's class will join us for positive peer collaboration, mentoring, and FUN!!  On Wednesday, they came to visit us for the first time.  It was wonderful to see the connections already being made between the students as they read books together!  So many smiles!

We are looking forward to our next Buddy time!